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There is a water shortage and water is precious. You believe there must be some easy way to re-use your bath or shower water for use as landscape watering without carrying buckets or incurring prohibitive re-plumbing costs or expensive electric pumps. There are two varieties of indoor gray water (grey water).  Laundry to Landscape (L2L) is popular but can be expensive.  Bath to Landscape (B2L) has been less popular because it had to be bucketed outside.  Now – with a SiphonAid bath water can be moved out much easier and it costs much less that a L2L system.  Water conservation is good so this makes the SiphonAid a fine introductory tool for people who want to SAVE WATER.

The Situation

It is estimated that 42% to 79% of household gray water comes from the bathtub and the shower. You have saved your bath or shower water in the bathtub by plugging the drain. That’s a lot of good water. You would like to share your bath water with your thirsty trees and plants outside. Now there is an easy way to get that bathwater outside to your landscape. The Siphon-Aid is an easy solution. Just follow the easy instructions. 

 By following the simple instructions you can reuse household bath water for your outdoor plants and save hundreds of gallons of water per week (amount depending of course on how much bath water your household uses). Use your bath tub like an indoor rain barrel – save water for use in the yard. Some more information about grey water




 “We have always been environmentally conscious and saving water was tantamount to our efforts in living gently on the planet. With three children we use a lot of bath water. Our Siphon Aid has paid for itself in about 2 weeks.” Marsha G. – Riverside, CA 

“I love my Siphon-Aid. It has been a big help in reducing our water bill. A good water conservation gadget.” Tracy – Van Nuys, CA

“One of my wacky California friends sent me a Siphon-Aid. She kept asking me how I liked it so I tried it and now I love it. It is so simple, so easy to use. I wish I had one of these 10 years ago.” Colleen B. – Odessa, TX 

“If everybody that talked about saving the planet would just come up with simple, practical ideas and tools it would do a lot more than all those blowhard politicians wasting billions on pie in the sky stuff. This Siphonaid is smart technology, a very good way to save water.”Jim Norvel – Los Angeles, CA 

“it took me a few tries to get the hang of it but once I mastered the nuance of siphoning (its not complicated) I can enjoy my full bath tub for soaking once a week without a guilty conscience.” P. Terry – Phoenix, AZ

 Natural resources such as water can be conserved with easy sustainable lifestyle practices.  One way water conservation can be achieved is by using bathwater responsibly a few times a week for watering your flowers, shrubs and trees. 

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