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A Gray Water Bath to Landscape System may help
There are two ways to move your bath/shower water outside
1. A bucket
2.  A siphon
The SiphonAid can make siphoning with a garden hose quick and easy—
And ~ ~ ~
It pays for itself in water saved, uses no energy!
Use your bath tub like a rain barrel.

Bath to Landscape (B2L) using a SiphonAid is a very cost-effective gray water system.  B2L gray water using a SiphonAid can be a good alternative to more expensive gray water systems. SiphonAid is sensible conservation tool. No expensive plumbing or parts - use your existing garden hose.

Every bath tub can be a "rain barrel" - and every bath tub user can benefit by having a SiphonAid handy.  Use it whenever your outside landscape is dry, just save that bath/shower water.

SiphonAid is optimal during dry seasons as over watering in rainy times may not be practical. It is not difficult to save bath/shower water in the tub and siphon it out to thirsty plants.  Watch the video . . . .

TO: Water agencies, companies and other domestic water suppliers.
This is a product for your customers that will allow them to save appreciable amounts of water. This is sold to agencies for distribution as a water saving tool to allow your customers to recycle their bathwater (gray water) for use on appropriate landscapes.
  • Green! Uses NO pumps or electricity.
  • Easy to use!
  • No construction - no re-plumbing - nothing to get permitted.*
  • The most cost-effective means of saving water in the average household.
  • Your bathtub is a valuable resource. Like an indoor rain barrel it can be used to collect grey water.
  • For water suppliers to use as a useful means of promoting water conservation.
  • The most cost effective water saving element your water agency/company can use.

The Siphon-Aid™ is designed as a Gray Water system that allows the user to easily transfer everyday bath/shower water outside for use in watering landscape bushes, flowers and trees. This is not a plumbing product but a handy household device!                                    

* Multiple agencies have noted there is no permit required for this household device.  There is no construction involved and no plumbing required.

More useful Information
Here is a video that explains the dynamics of the siphon

Your grey bath water explained

Other grey water resources



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